10 – Perugia

Perugia – 1 Octobre 2008 – “Koval’s B-Day”

Perugia; well I think we are starting to max out on our art & architecture. We still appreciate it, but as we now have seen quite a load of medeival art & architecture between Castilgion, Assisi, Napoli, Roma, Firenze, & Milano we are moving our interests towards enjoyment. Instead of what had been the trend to run and see every site and museum today we decided one was enough as we busted after a 3 hour tour of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell’Umbria. This museum had really only two pictures; Jesus on the Cross or Mary’s Lap post crucifixtion or just Mary. The art was incredible as normal; but almost anything better than stick figures impresses me.

While we were finished with art; Perugia itself is a very beautiful and picturesque town. The captial of Umbria, this was a much fought over town leading to an extremely creative answer to living in constant war. They made almost all the city streets on the perimeter of town into a fotress. So entering town you would walk through a few thousand meters of corridors containing homes, shops, and other amenities. The corridors were two story’s tall and had windows on both floors. It was quite unique; looking like a modern day shopping mall made of ancient brick. Today, Perugia came up with a unique use for this underground passage way. It is now the main means of transport up the hill and into the city, as well as containing a few metro stations. You can now enter outside the old cit walls, take a bunch of escalators and pop out about 10 minutes later on top of the acropolis, or the old main city streets. Here the views get even better with the main causeway containing two famous pieces of architeture; the Fontana Maggiore and the Duomo di Perugia, an excellent Baroque example containing two dead popes. I really liked the view; again a hilltop town like much of the warring mid-central Italian city-states. The drive was quite scenic, lots of tunels (it blows my mind how many tunnels there are in Italy, this must be a major industry), and passing by the famous Lake Trasimeno, home the luxurious homes and 2 massive boats from the Cesars’ & Emperors’ of Storica Roma, “Ancient Rome.”

We spent much of the afternoon at a outdoor cafe’ in the courtyard overlooking the foutain and church, with its “social steps.” Much like the Spanish Steps of the Roma these are the gathering place for the town to culminate and socialize. For lunch we were in hope of a Mexican resaurant that we had heard whispers about, but it turn out to be only open for dinner much to our dismay. Some of the group went for pizza again, but Bryan, Uzell and I decided to shake it up and hit a Kebab shop. I love going out on my own and trying to work on my Italian; it was a great idea and the Jordanian woman working the store and I had a great conversation without English, adding to our awesomely huge and cheap meal! You’ve got to loved spicy lamb!

In regards to our project; it is funny…I love these excursions but I am more increasingly interested in doing them myself. I don’t think they are really worth the value; especially because I think there are much better destinations and more efficients ways of doing them. Perugia was nice, but just nice, I wish I could suggest some better, closer, nearby towns – but they’ve already planned all these trips and scheduled the busses. This gives us an idea for our company; the major them we are trying to work into our suggestion for a study abroad center on our project is to break industry norms! I think study abroad needs to be more customizeable; its has to rigid of a structure. It needs more choice! This differentation could lead us to “blue oceans” helping us make competition irrelevant while marketing in uncontested waters (Blue Ocean Strategy is this book we are reading for one of our electives, its dorky but i really like its subject; strategy has always been an interest of mine). So if you are still curious I will post my first two blue ocean papers online and you can learn more about the actual work, believe or not, I am doing here!


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