05 – Cortona

Day 7 – Cortona, Italia – September 14, 2008

Today was a really productive and fun day. Woke early and did some homework suprisingly after a drinking a huge jub of wine with our new friends here at Santa Chiara. They served it out of a tap, and some even brought in water bottles to fill up – so in short we found the new “gas” station of Italy. Hahah; resulting in mom getting a late night phone call (luckily this time it wasn’t so late for her – the benefits of Steve in Europe). Spent most the morning doing individual homework then about four hours of project work with the crew. We still have so much to crunch but we are starting to get things on paper. I finally finished finding the industry average price point so we can start working on our financials. We finished up around 1:00 PM and had lunch.

After lunch I went on a jog that was my most favorite yet; and got me some sun. Across the valley there is a hill with a huge, abandoned, medieval looking castle on top; I decided this was my goal. Three funny things happended on the jog. 1) Don’t put sunscreen your face and try to run; the results can cause temporary blindness. 2.) Don’t assume in a foreign country you will always find the same route back; and then assume placing your shirt by a tree will be easily found later. 3.) Not all buildings actually have roads to them in foreign countires; and pricker bushes hurt. In short; there were many olive orchards, corn fields, and vinyards; storm clouds equals wetness; and I’ve lost my shirt but the castle was amazing and at any moment I felt that someone would jump out from behind a olive tree and try to duel me in a swordfight. Oh yah; note 4.) Attenti al cane = Beware of dogs. But this doesn’t work well if you are wearing earphones and can’t here them coming. Quite the adventure!!!

After my run; Dr. Oswald and I went to the next stop down the train line to Cortona. Cortona is an amazing town built on an even taller hill the Catiglion F (where I am staying). It’s also one of the oldets in the entire Toscana Paumira (Tuscan Valley). Additionally, you probably have heard of it if you have read “Under the Tuscan” sun which was written about and by an American who bought a villa there and flipped it; after which a movie was made. We had a great time walking around – even stumbled upon a church from 1292 that had “acclaimed” relic of two pieces from the Jesus’ cross. It had amazing stone works around the altar and shrines to their nobles; but my favorite was the Basillica’s wooden trussed roof. It just shows its age – gigantic stone walls with a wooden roof. I’ve seen many cathedrals, but these are the first true Basillica’s I’ve seen. Dr. Oswald and I also walked to the Bromisole house from “Under the Tuscan Sun” just to say we went. We rewarded ourselves for the hike with gelato, pre-dinner of course. Went to a painting shop where she bought a painting, and then closed the night at a great restaurant that overlooked their Piazza della Repubblica. It was great – temperature cool, cloud rooling in, had my favorite bottle of wine here yet (bitter but not to sharp). I had a great dish of Gnocchetti and we stayed for like 2 hours; so long in fact we missed all the busses to the bottom of the hll and trains back to our town. Thus forth a taxi was called and after a stirring drive down the hill of Cortona we made it home, with a short side stop when our Taxi driver dropped her phone and we all had to get out and find it, lol. Great day – and was a great break after spending my first weekend in Italy sadly working. All well, I think we’ll have enough time later! Tuesday we leave for Rome; then Friday will head down to Napoli and Pompeii for the weekend! Ciao i miei amici



  1. Ciao! Sara sent me a link to your blog, and I was very happy to see “Cortona” in the side bar. I studied there in college, and loved every minute! I hope (am sure) you are and will have an amazing time!

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