19 – AS Roma vs. Chelsea FC

Roma, Italia – Novembre 4th, 2008 – Stadio Olimpico – A.S. Roma vs. Chelsea FC

Roma Roma Roma —- Roma Roma Roma
Core de sta città —- Heart of it’s City
Unico grande amore —- Only Great Love
De tanta e tanta gente —- All and All the People
Che fai sospirà —– That You Make Sing!

Forza Roma —- Fight Roma

We had been planning this trips for almost a month and boy did we pick a great game to attend! After watching Roma loose its 4th game in a row in an Amsterdam bar, dropping to Chelsea at Webley in London two weeks earlier – the vegence and might of the star-packed team returned – led by the great Totti! Well not really, he didn’t play great but the rest of them did, lol! Knocking off Europe’s current princes of the 110 yard feld! Notes from the International Herald Tribune;

Mirko Vucinic scored twice and AS Roma moved back into contention in Group A of the Champions League with a 3-1 victory over Chelsea on Tuesday in Rome. It was the worst defeat this season for the Premier League co-leaders, and left the Blues with a sour memory of the Stadio Olimpico, which will host this season’s final.

I can barely describe how much fun it was. There were riots between Italians and the Brits! There were fires erupting in the stands – smoke and noise bombs thrown onto the field……and better yet on our trip there we bumped into a group of Auburn girls studying South of Rome on the metro to the stadium. How random; we heard people on the train talking in English about Georgia’s loss to Bama and the Texas loss to Tech. We figure we send out a shout; attempting a chance at a “War Eagle Moment” and surely enough our Alabammer spotting abilities dain’t fail us! Tigers spotted and response returned; “War Eagle!” In short, we sat with them at the game; had a blast and just improve my first Euro soccer game experience! I think I’m a full convert after this if I wasn’t already a huge soccer fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw American Football – we need to jump on the real field (the 100mx80m) where real men are crowned Champions!

Our plan for after the night game was to be real rebels! Skip booking a hostel; stay out all night and catch the 4:30 AM train to Firenze for our field trip; meeting up with the rest of the Auburnites! We did just this. Rome was quite quiet on a late Tuesday night, however it was an enjoyable contrast to our previous trip full of tourists. We finally got to go and do the Trevi fountain and just sit instead of being pushed through, we were the only ones at the Parthenon at 3 AM in the morning – really eerie – found a fun bar in which I won the limbo – and then to close the evening hit up a Irish pub! BIG MISTAKE – THIS IS WHERE ALL THE CHELSEA FANS WENT. So we enter with all our ROMA goods and they try and, literally, light our clothes on FIRE! After some quick smoothing talking and jokes – we made friends and enjoyed our next hour until we had to leave for the train station arriving with plenty of time to catch our ride north; thinking all is great. So we take our seat; snuggle in and the lights go out finally @ 4:30 AM! We estimate the train will arrive around 7:30 AM at the earliest…………………………….

Suddenly, some one is tapping. Ok – already. I know – you need my ticket. I’m reaching around for it and hand it to the “pester” needing to validate my seat. THEN TO BOMB DROPS. I am notified my ticket is no good; for two reasons. First because I am on an inter-city train (looks normal but only stops at the major cities), the second being I’m on the train still and we already passed Firenze an hour ago. WHAT……..PUOI RIPETERE…..PLEASE REPEAT. Apparently we slept clear through Florence and where soon approaching Bolgona. BOLOGNA – what time is it. My watch says 6:15 – I think; did this trains grow wings and fly. Nope; I forgot that we accidentally took an IC train. So after paying another fine for riding trains illegally; we jump off at Bologna and head back to Castiglion – screwing the the field trip – I’m so tired! We’ve already been three times to Firenze; I’ve had plenty.

Pre-Game Show

Halftime of the Game! After we moved to sit with the Auburn Girls!


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