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Welcome to my weblog documenting my trip to Europe, Fall 2008, for the MBA-BSCI Collaborative project.

It’s finally almost here; 2 weeks until we leave for “Italia” (September 7th) for our research project with the Auburn University MBA program, and now begins the blogging! This is my attempt to try a new media for telling friends & family about my travels. The last half decade or so I’ve tried writing letters (about once a month) that turned into small novels and was e-mailed/forwarded to all; not efficient as I’ve learned from the MBA thus far (joke is you learn only about two things in the MBA; efficiencies & strategies) – so now I’m gonna give short & direct a try, if thats possible for me, with photos, but most importantly – up to date.

First, brief summary on our project. A couple of professors at Auburn got linked with some members from a small town in Tuscany Italy, Gabbro. Gabbro has a historic French Villa (in Italy, lol) that is run down and deed to the town to be used for cultural &/or educational purposes. Our professors have given us the task of coming up with a business & re-use/redevelopment plan for the facility and present it to the community to be used at their will. We’ve been strongly pushed into plan to use the villa as an International Studies center, which will be our main goal along with any other auxiliary functions that could possibly supplement the center’s profitibility. Below are two pictures of
La Villa Mirabella.

La Villa Mirabella Facade

La Villa Mirabella Facade

La Villa Mirabella Rear Courtyard Tower

La Villa Mirabella Rear Courtyard Tower


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